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Life Reclaimed: Rhonda's Story


From the depths of drug use and homelessness, Rhonda’s story rises from the ashes to tell a tale of recovery and renewed hope.

Rhonda, having already pushed away her three children with her drug usage and living out of her blue Chevy Cavalier, discovered that life could get worse. In September of 2003, Rhonda was arrested for drug possession, lost her job because of the arrest and faced a court appointment.

To add to Rhonda's down-spiraling situation, her car and consequently, her home, was stolen on a cold night the following December.

With no where to go, a friend picked Rhonda up from the vacant parking lot and dropped her off at Love-A-Child Missions Homeless Recovery Shelter, a move that initiated her remarkable turnaround.

Over the next 6-months, through attending meetings, job training activities and living in a nurturing environment characterized by spiritual guidance, friendship, and love, Rhonda found her faith in God and discovered a better life apart from drugs.

“I was able to believe in myself like I never have before and learned that it was okay to count on others during difficult times,” says Rhonda. “I realized I needed God to clean my life up…there was no way I could have done this on my own.”

Rhonda now participates full-time in Love-A-Child Missions' job training program, overseeing security and assisting the Senior Director with the shelter’s women’s program. Rhonda also plays mother hen for 14 women who live in the House of Prayer, one of Love-A-Child’s residences.

Last year, Rhonda was offered a paying job with another company, but felt her place was here at Love-A-Child Missions where she could continue to make a meaningful difference for the women who, like her, are trying to reclaim their lives for them and their children.

Rhonda has since rebuilt her relationships with her three children. “We are now as close as ever,” she says with a proud, beaming smile, adding she also has three grandchildren that she can now watch grow up and be apart of their lives.

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