A Word From the Founding Director

Imagine, for a moment, the bitter cold of winter late at night. The phone rings.  On the other end of the receiver, you hear the crackling voice of a crying woman.

As you listen between her cries and fragmented sentences, you learn that she is a frightened mother of a small child with another on the way. She had just been battered and abused for the last time, only to be thrown into the cold night with nowhere to go.

As she tries to share with you her new found homelessness and the need for help, there is a sense of desperation that grabs your heart and you can feel her pain.

This is a reality for thousands of homeless women and children in Contra Costa County. It is hard to express the hopelessness and anguish a mother must feel when she is vulnerable to the real dangers that exist when you are homeless.

The question is, are you willing to help?

Jerome Knott

Founding Director