Board of Directors

Jerome Knott

He is the Executive Director and Founding Director of Love-A Child Missions. He is in ministry since 1984.  He is also the Founder of “Christmas at the College” and “Christmas at the Fair”. He is a Community Activist.

Mark Bradbury

He is the current President. He is also a Construction Worker and Community Activist.

Kim Galletta

She is the current Secretary. She is a Love-A-Child Missions Alumni and was formerly a Raley’s Employee.

Courtney Davis

She is the current Treasurer. She has been associated with Love-A- Child Missions since 2001. She is a Wife and also a Mother of 7. She was a Secretary for the Covenant Relationship Church Board from 2012-2013. She also served as Secretary for Bel Air Elementary PTA. Courtney's a Part Time Licensed California Insurance Life Agent. She is a Community Activist.

Bob Corson

He is currently a Board Member. He was a former Pittsburg Steel Mill Employee. He is also a  Community Activist.