Jennifer's Testimonial


I first came to Love-A-Child at the age of 18 in 2002. I was 7 and a half months pregnant and 4 months clean off of meth and heroin. At the time I was in CPS care and put back under my mom until I was 21. I had my daughter in Oct of 2002. After I had her I sadly went back to using. I lasted a month until I realized it was no longer fun. I admitted I had a drug problem to a staff member who took me under her wing. Over the next 5 years I went to bible study, NA, AA and 12 step classes. I went to Job Corps. I stayed on campus during the week and at Love-A-Child on the weekends. During this time my mom took care of my daughter. Jerome started taking her to the YMCA and other outings around the age of 3. She learned to swim, ride a bike and went on her first roller coaster with him. In 2005 I got into a bad relationship and became pregnant again. After I ended things with my ex-husband I went back to Love-A-Child. They opened their arms to help me rebuild not only myself but my relationship with God. In Sept 2006 I had my son. A staff member I was close to at that time, was in the room with me when I had him. I asked her to be his godmother and she said yes. Shortly after I had my son I realized I was lost. Not sure what to do with my life. In Oct of 2007 I joined the Army. My mother and Love-A-Child supported me 100%. The ladies wrote to me while I was in basic. Love- A- Child helped my mom with my two kids and welcomed me home with open arms during my Christmas break. After I was stationed in Texas whenever I was on leave my first stop was at Love-A-Child. My daughter would spend 90% of my leave there. Over the next 8 years this happened. I would go on leave, and my older two children would spend time at their home, which is what Love-A-Child is to them. In 2015 my husband, who I met in the Army, was medically discharged from the Army. We came back to Bay Point so I would be close to family. While looking for a place to stay, Jerome allowed my daughter to stay with my mom at Love-A-Child. My 7 year old, who never knew Love-A-Child now spends hours there playing with the children who live there. He loves it! My husband and I both currently volunteer our time at Love-A-Child. I help out in the office, and he helps with the IT. I honestly would not be where I am today without Love-A-Child. Clean for 15 years, happily married with 3 beautiful children and have an amazing relationship with God.